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A lighthearted tale about two childhood friends, Juanita Santos and Xiang Li, on a 'quest' to return a cellphone to their classmate, an admittedly forgetful but cute witch. Shenanigans ensue.

The duo will befriend a cast of colorful characters on the way as they attempt to fulfill their 'quest' and return home before the school day's over. Unfortunately, as the witch does not appear to desire to be found, their quest may prove to be more unpredictable than they thought.

Juanita Santos--A heavily studious student, Juan prefers spending her free time listening to horror podcasts or reading a [i]certain[/i] series of books about the misadventures of a wizard and his companions. While her main priorities are studying and preparing for college, she wouldn't mind finding a girlfriend in the near future.

Xiang Li--A nice, albeit snarky young man who is often roped into adventures with his best friend, Juan. At the moment he is living with Juan and her family as his parents are off working abroad. He considers Juan to be his sister and cares for her deeply [and vice-versa].



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I really enjoyed this Veynn! The monster designs are really cute and quirky, as well as their personalities! Lovely drawn graphics as usual too! Nice to see something a bit different from you, this was a very sweet little game! ^_^ 

Ooh, nice seeing you here Rpghorrorfan~!! >w</

Thank you! I just wanted to try drawing something small and not horror-ish for once, haha.