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Hi, Veynn!

Your game is amazing. Congratulations on the projects!
Do you authorize me to translate the Träumerei and City of Bones series into Portuguese? I tried to send you a message on Twitter, but I couldn't. Sorry for writing here. :c

Thanks for listening,


Hiya MOON-XP!! 

Thank you so much; I'm glad you like my projects!! :D Thank you as well for the offer to translate them into Portugese! Your timing is perfect since I was just planning to announce I'm open to having translations now.

I'd be happy to have City of Bones and Träumerei translated [Except for Träumerei Chapter 0 since it was a practice game. It's not canon].

I've been told that before; I probably need to correct the settings there. ^^; And no need to apologize; nothing wrong about writing the message here. Do you have a specific place where you'd want me to send the game files? 

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Hi, Veynn!

Wow, how cool! I arrived at a good time, then. Thank you so much for the opportunity and permission!

But does chapter 0 contain no details relevant to the series?

Yes, please, send it to my e-mail:

Again, thank you very much for your permission! I wish you great success. I will be waiting.



No prob; thanks for asking me first!

I still keep it around because it was my first game, but chapter 0 is not canon. Only chapters 1-3 are.

I'll be sure to email it once I get to using my pc. ^^

Just found out that this game have finally other chapters than the demo, I've played it 2 years ago and just kinda forget about it until my curiosity lead me there x3 

I really love the style, it's cute and original ! I did not play the other chapters yet, but I'm sure it'll be awesome (I really liked the demo) ^^ I'm looking forward for the progression of the game, keep up the good work ! 

(Also sorry for my broken english xD)

Ahaha, I can't believe it's been 2 years already. The demo was technically the first RPGM game I ever made, so I'm still pretty happy about it even though it's not canon.

Aww, thank you so much! <3 I hope to release Chapter 2 by August; thank you for your support!

(Your english is already super good!!)

I have a question to ask.

What's your question?

Did you make this in VX Ace? Or MV?

VX Ace.

Would be interested in seeing it brought over to MV?

Thank you for the offer Sight21, but no thank you.

Hey, very nice. The title is german, so are you german too? Maybe we can talk about some work for you. Maybe paid, maybe royality free. It`s on you. I`m lookin`forward to hear from you. Feel free to contact me at:

Thank you! :> I'm not actually German. I just liked the word so I used it for the title.

And thank you for the offer, but I'll have to decline. Between this, school, and my other projects I wouldn't have any other time. Best of luck with your work and happy new year!

Really neat stuff, the art style and cutscenes were excellent. Very unique visually, for an RPG Maker game. Great job in all departments, neatly done!


Aaaaah thank you so much!! <3 I'm really glad you liked the 'Chapter 0' demo~! \>w</ This was mainly just an art style test so I'm happy it turned out alright. ^_^

Hey~ I wanted to say that Im a fan and I really love the idea and the art you do, its unique and adorable~
But sadly, this time I cant play it. I downloaded it and all, but its telling me its corrupted. I also tried to reinstall it but the same thing.
Its not from the anti-virus because, well, I dont have one. :(

I'd encountered the same problem too :" i really want to play this game XD


Thank you~!! ^_^

Oh, sorry about that!! I received the same question over on Tumblr any someone may found the answer! It turns out you have to rename the folder as 'Traumerei' instead of 'Träumerei'. It's the 'ä' that doesn't seem to read.

ah yess~~~ the problem fixed. thank you (。>﹏<。)(。>﹏<。)

Hey! Just wanted to ask, what should I do at the Scene where I had to cut a dude down with an Axe? It seems that no matter what I do, the only choice I have is to die by picking the Axe up after slashing the dude down.

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Hello! I just tested the scene and that may have happened if you inspected the fountain with the orange water  further after taking paper scrap #5. After you take the paper scrap you're supposed to leave immediately or you'll be stuck in a 'loop'.  Afterwards, the game should progress and allow you to leave. 

Another scenario could be that after picking up the axe there are four options to cut down the 'hanged man'. The fourth is blank and the only one that will allow you to progress. Sorry for the confusion!! ^^;

I literally laughed out loud at some of your flavor text.

Small nit-picky thing:   I got so lost and so confused by the graveyard map.  It's a very large maze and there's no real "landmarks" and also some of the passability is weird (like Noël can fit behind some gravestones but not others of the exact same size).  Even just tiny things to make it less the same would help...!

Overall though I'm in Love.  Your art has improved so much and your writing is so mysterious and cryptic, I'm (eyes emoji) to learn more about the story.

Hi Meaka! Thank you~!! \>u</ Glad some of the misc. text was funny; I didn't want to make the game too serious.

Yeah, that was intentional. Even if there appeared to be visible passability on some gravestones, if I allowed the player to go through them Noël would end up standing on parts of the gravestones. And I'll try to make mazes have landmarks for future chapters!

Thank you once again!! ^_^ I hope to get the next chapter our relatively soon! :D