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hope like Gameplay of  Chapter 2 it was Really fun finding out what happened with Lila and Delia it so much fun it was so sad in end  in way  it was  very

good !

Aww, thank you again so much!! Those little chibis you make for the thumbnails are always realy cute! <3 

Happy to hear you liked the parts with Lila & Delia!! That was one of my favorite things from this chapter.


The download gives only the windows version of the game.


I apologize for the late response!! Ah, some of my friends said they could play the Windows version on mac. I'll go correct that, then! ^^;

I am now completely invested in this story, looking forward to the next chapter!

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Thank you so much Jenpai!! :D Chapter 3 is currently in-development and I am planning to have it released by December of this year! ^^

No problem! I'm so hyped for it! <3

Thanks! I hope to make the next game as fun as I can! >w</